S-City Cafe - About

What started out as a simple desire to run a food business soon flourished into a fiery passion. S-City Café founder, Mr. Kwek invested years of blood, sweat and tears into bringing his restaurant to where it is today.

Established in 1999, S-City Café first opened its doors, as nothing more than a dine-in restaurant. As the years passed, however, the thriving business led to the branching out of services, which now include dine-in, takeaway and even catering.

With nearly two decades of presence in the food and beverage business, S-City Café has earned itself the rights to boast of everything from great-tasting food and commendable service, to great team synergy and an unparalleled understanding of its customers’ needs.

Undeniably young at heart, S-City Café still manages to preserve the nostalgic 80s vibe within the four walls of its restaurant and never failing to draw in throngs of customers from all walks of life.

Small in size but big on taste, S-City Café is a perpetually popular dining spot among the busy professionals of Singapore’s Central Business District. Where east meets west, this humble operation cooks up hearty Asian dishes and heavenly Western favorites. Very unlike your typical lunchtime corner joint, diners here will find themselves immersed in an atmosphere of unparalleled gastronomic comfort, complemented by the surprising elements of affordability and convenience.